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Rule of Law Rules- Romania

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The digitalization of the relationships between the citizen and the state is a serious challenge, which also tests the concept of "rule of law." In the digital context, new problems and new solutions may arise regarding the protection of human rights, the separation of powers in the state, the rule of law or even the independence of the judiciary. We wish to explore these topics in conversations with experts, focusing on the protection of personal data, the intertwining between law and technology or the security of automated systems (artificial intelligence). In February, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation's Rule of Law Programme launched the global English version of the Rule of Law Rules podcast. In March, the Rule of Law Programme South East Europe initiated a Romanian version of this podcast, produced by the regional office in Bucharest. The Romanian version aims to inform and educate the public about what "the rule of law" means and how important this concept is for the average person, to help raise awareness of the effects of this concept in everyday life. In the introductory episode, Hartmut Rank and Stanislav Splavnic discuss the objectives of this podcast, the achievements of the Rule of Law Programme in South East Europe for the past 15 years, and some things they have learned since working in Bucharest. They are even joking a bit about the similarities and differences between Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) and George Soros (1930-) or Bill Gates (1955-).

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