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Correísmo On The Rise Again

by Johannes Hügel, Luis Alfredo García

The Government of Ecuador suffers a heavy electoral defeat

On Sunday, February 05, 2023, Ecuador held "sectional elections" to elect, on a nationwide level, the prefects of the country's 23 provinces, 221 mayors, 1,527 city councilors, as well as 7 members of the Council for Citizen Participation (CPCCS). In addition, a constitutional referendum proposed by the government was held concurrently with the election to address issues of security, the environment, and the structure of the state. With a voter turnout of approximately 80.74 % of the population, the "Correísmo" scored an overwhelming victory in both the elections and the referendum. The results of the elections and the rejection of all the questions put to the vote in the referendum are a debacle for both the current government and the Christian Social Party, and will determine the political future of President Guillermo Lasso.
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Johannes Hügel

Johannes Hügel

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