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With its sponsorship of the 2017 edition of the Glowork AStepAhead Career Fair, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) seeks to contribute towards empowering women in Saudi Arabia’s society and enhancing their abilities to participate in the labour market.


With a large group of highly educated young graduates, Saudi Arabia’s economy has a pool of human resources that has largely remained idle in the past years – Saudi women currently make up 51.8% of university graduates in Saudi Arabia while 32.8% still remain unemployed. As the Kingdom seeks to thoroughly transform its economy until 2030, it has given more attention to its female labour pool. Incorporating young female graduates in the labour market will be essential for the country’s objective to harness sustainable economic growth in the coming years.

AStepAhead 2017, the number one female career fair in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, strives to address this challenge. It is organised by the Saudi start-up company Glowork and is endorsed by the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development as well as the Human Resources Development Fund of the Kingdom. Taking place annually since 2012 in Riyadh, AStepAhead is a three-day program designed to empower women with all educational backgrounds and levels of experience. In the past, previous AStepAhead Career Fairs attracted as much as 30.000 female job seekers and resulted in 3600 women being hired onsite which contributed to enable women to take through integration a greater societal role.

This year’s fair will be sponsored by the Regional Programme Gulf States and will take place from 26 to 28 Sep-tember 2017 in Riyadh. The fair is designed to effectively aid women in becoming active agents by enriching their job-hunting opportunities, soft, and personal skills. In order to do so, AStepAhead offers a set of keynote speeches and panel discussions featuring thought leaders from politics and the top employers in the Kingdom. The Career Fair also includes an exhibition space with 80 companies from Saudi Arabia that give women ample opportunity to gather information about job chances available to them.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


AStepAhead 2017: A Career Fair for Women as an Entry Point into the Labour Market
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