Event Reports

Diversifying the Economy by Developing the Individual’s Potential

by Gidon Windecker, Peter Sendrowicz

Workshop on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Effective Use of Social Media

Employees of Oman’s Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development together with successful young entrepreneurs are taking part in a two-day workshop on the effective use of social media.

Trainers Tim Shier from South Africa and Saba Al Busaidi from Oman share their knowledge on how to make strategic use of social media for business development. The expertise thus acquired will help the Riyada team to support young entrepreneurs in strengthening the marketing power of their ventures.

The workshop took place against the background of one of the most important challenges Oman is facing at the moment: Diversifying its strongly oil-dependent economy. Riyada was founded to help young entrepreneurs transform their start-ups into successful businesses, thereby enabling young Omanis to become active in different sectors of the Omani labour market.

Building up social media capacity is an important step to exploit the full potential of business owners. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram play a decisive role when it comes to building reputation, establishing brand loyalty and tackling customers’ concerns.

This was already the fourth of a series of events on SME’s role for the diversification of the economy respectively social entrepreneurship held in Oman.