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KAS Regional Programme Gulf States expands Journalism training to further GCC-countries

Following the successful establishment of training courses for young journalists in the United Arab Emirates, KAS Regional Programme Gulf States expands its training activities and offers its courses now also in Oman and Kuwait. The first seminar is currently running in Muscat in cooperation with the Cultural Club of Oman and the Oman Journalist Association.

During the one-week course the 16 junior journalists are given the opportunity to get first hand experience and insights into the principles of journalistic work. The participants are working with fervor and have to independently research and write news stories. "The experience with our training courses in the UAE during the last 2 years showed us how effective these seminars are”, stated Thomas Birringer, KAS Regional Representative to the Gulf States. ”Journalists are an important pillar of a functioning civil society. They bear a great responsibility towards their society and need to be well educated and equipped for these tasks. With our training courses we aim to contribute to their education.” In April 2012 the Regional-Program will start its training activities also in Kuwait where it will offer a first course in cooperation with the Kuwait Journalist Association.

Contact Person

Dr. Manuel Schubert

March 03 - 07, 2012
Sultan Qaboos University Muscat
Media Training for Journalists