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Strengthening Multi-Doors Approach in Combating Natural Resources-related Crimes

Environment Law Talks – Jakarta

The second round of Environment Law Talks will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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The second round of Environment Law Talks will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, partly due to illegal logging and mining. Though natural resource-related crimes are common they are not seriously prosecuted by law enforcement agencies.

With a view to properly address this critical challenge, the Rule of Law Programme Asia in co-operation with the partner organisations Kemitraan and the UKP4 will be conducting a three day interactive workshop’ to a specific targeted audience towards “Strengthening Multi-Doors Approach in Preventing and Combating Natural Resources-related Crimes”

The main objective of this workshop is to create a forum for law enforcement agencies, UKP4, and relevant ministries (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources) and CSO to discuss the implementation of ‘multi-doors approach’ in combating natural resources-related crimes.

This workshop shall aim to build a strong commitment of law enforcement agencies and other ministries to implement a multi-doors approach in the investigation and prosecution of natural resource-related crimes and build a framework for follow-up and similar trainings to be conducted for technical officers at national and sub-national level.

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