Event Reports

Community Awareness Outreach at Maluwa Village in Zomba, Malawi

The community outreach was aimed at boosting the knowledge in rural communities in Zomba about women’s rights to access, own, use and control land, and enhance the women’s capacity to protect and claim these rights.

The main collaborating organizer was the Zomba District Manager for the National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi (NASFAM), Lettons Mkandawire. While 250 participants were expected at the event, in total, 450 community members attended, with a nearly proportionate attendance of about 60 % women and 40% men. This was the biggest attendance for a community outreach ever registered in Malawi. Also present were 12 traditional leaders comprising group village headmen and village headmen/headwomen and KAS officials from Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The impressive attendance was in part attributed to the good working relations between NASFAM and two Group Village Headmen Maluwa and Chikapa. The two traditional leaders proactively engaged in the mobilization of community members through their village headmen/headwomen.

The event programme included speeches from KAS Resident Representative South Africa, Mr. Henning Suhr, the NASFAM Head of Policy and Communication, Mrs. Beatrice Makwenda, Group Village Headmen Maluwa and Chikapa and the KAS Programme Coordinator, Dr. Samson Lembani. The cultural drama and dancing group and comedy performances provided the edutainment to the audience with the messages encouraging community members to promote and embrace equitable land ownership for women. The Chancellor College community radio reporter also conducted interviews with selected community leaders and participants. The interviews and excerpt recordings of the event were later compiled into radio programmes to be aired during the month of March.

Event Reports
March 28, 2018
Publication: Community awareness outreach at Sani II Village in Zomba-Malawi
Event Reports
March 27, 2018
Publication: Orientation workshop for traditional leaders in Zomba
Event Reports
June 14, 2018
Publication: Induction training workshop for civic educators from partner organisations in Zomba-Malawi
Event Reports
June 13, 2018
Publication: Regional conference on strengthening land tenure and land ownership rights for women in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Namibia