Empowering local structures for more accountability and a better fight against corruption

The Project “United for our rights – Empowering local structures for more accountability and a better fight against corruption” was developed due to the realization of an existing gap between the local structures and civil societies when situations come for them to join forces to fight against corruption through promoting transparency and accountability to the community.

The above situation made the EU ask beneficiaries who are KAS-Tanzania, CETA, ADLG to develop a project that is aiming at empowering Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and local communities. They will be enabled to join hands in an effort to foster an accountable political system. The objective will be realized through respective capacity building of CSOs and LGAs, as well as public awareness rising through appropriate information sessions, publications, exchange programs and related radio programs.

The project strives for reaching the local communities in seven regions (Mara, Kagera, Simiyu, Geita, Ruvuma, Lindi and Pwani), 40 districts and 1055 wards. The project shall cover 25% of the population of Tanzania. .

In order to achieve the set goals the European Union Delegation in Tanzania is co-financing KAS Tanzania (lead partner) as well as ADLG and CETA (co-partners) to carry out the project. The partners shall associate with 25 local CSOs, local communities and LGAs across the seven regions to achieve the following:

The expected outcomes are:

1. Local CSOs will have the capacity to monitor the management of public finances.

2. Local communities will be empowered to better understand the use of public funds in their communities by the state and they will be encouraged to become aware of their responsibility as watchdogs for accountability.

3. LGAs will be capable of responding to the growing demand for transparency and accountability for public finances.

4. Additionally, Members of Parliament shall initiate processes at the national level to implement the recommendations of the project.

By fulfilling these objectives, the target groups mentioned above will contribute more effectively to the fight against corruption, which is a major challenge for the development progress of Tanzania. They will be consciously aware of their role and able to contribute to the increase of transparency and accountability for public finance.

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