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Interreligious Dialogue for Peace and Tolerance

Second Round

On the 20th and 21st of February high-ranking representatives of Tanzania's religous communities are going to convene for a common dialogue. The IRCPT and KAS invite to the second round of interreligious dialogue on peace and tolerance.

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The number of ostensible religiously motivated conflicts and bursts of violence in Tanzania and Sanzibar has been increasing significantly throughout the last months and thus threatens the previous peaceful coexistence of religions in the country. An institution, which would be able to mediate between different parties in the event of recurrent conflicts and tensions and whose authority and neutrality all religious groups would approve of, has not yet been sufficiently established. The IRCPT (Inter-Religious Council for Peace Tanzania), who has succesfully held a great number of interreligious dialogues, might be an adequate institution dealing with the aforementioned conflicts and tensions. Thus, the council must be accepted as an appropriate forum by religous communities, the Tanzanian government and the public alike.

Since 2003 the IRCPT in cooperation with KAS Tanzania regularly brings together representatives of Tanzania's religious communities for discussions. In the light of the current smoldering tensions and the open outbreak of religiously motivated conflicts in Tanzania and Zanzibar, the ICRPT is an important forum which strenghtens effectively religious peace and mutual tolerance.

In December 2012, high-ranking religious leaders had convened following an invitation by KAS and IRCPT, shortly after assaults of outraged Muslims against Christian institutions had taken place. Having hence demonstrated an interest in finding common solutions for the current conflicts, the event brought about the publication "Dini ni Chemchemi, Amani, Upendo na Maelewano" (Faith is the Fountain of Peace, Love and Understanding). Based on that, the representatives set themselves specific goals, namely to create a common resolution approved by all religious groups in order to appeal for religious peace and tolerance and to demonstrate members of the religious communities ways of how to achieve mutual understanding and harmonic coexisitence.

Participation only on individual invitation.

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New Africa Hotel, Dar es Salaam


Treffen hochrangiger Vertreter der religiƶsen Gemeinschaften Tansanias zu Friedensbildung und religiƶser Toleranz: Zweite Runde
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