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The Constitutional Reform Process in Tanzania

A Constitution for the New Generation?

On 24th January KAS Tanzania, together with its partner CETA, hold a seminar on the Constitutional Reform Process in the United Republic of Tanzania for students from Secondary Schools in Zanzibar.

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The workshop aimed not only at establishing a common understanding of what a Constitution is, but drawing up an action plan to enable students to participate informed and critically in the ongoing discussion about the new constitution. As Zanzibar takes an exceptional role in the process, involving students from Unguja Island is crucial.

Mohamed Khamis Hamad, an university lecturer, spoke about the Constitutional Reform Process and shared background information concerning the Union and the Zanzibarian Constitution, encouraging the students to get involved in the current debate, by familiarizing themselves with their role. Questions like "What is a constitution?" "Who writes the constitution?" or "Why should the constitution concern students?" were discussed.

The results of the workshop will be published in the next edition of the "Civic and General Studies Journal". A softcopy will be ready for download here.

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Daniel El-Noshokaty


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