Event Reports

Training for Female Lawyers on Role of Women in Conflict Resolution

A training conducted by the Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA)
Group Picture with the Second Day Participants
Group Picture

The training event focused on the education of university students, it was conducted in late September in Unguja and Pemba. During the four days 120 students attended the training, divided in groups of 30. Issues presented were among others the topic of human rights, a comprehensive concept of conflict and conflict resolution, as well as ways and techniques to manage conflict situations. Furthermore, good communication skills to manage conflicts were also discussed. The participants were regularly arranged in mixed female and male groups to debate previously introduced issues and come up with suggestions. The mix up of the participants produced great ideas and proposals that were  brought forward in group presentations. Furthermore, empowerment of women was an accompanying theme that was present in most discussions and further emphasized the role and situation of women in different conflict situations. That the training included both women and men made it possible for both to work together and understand each other’s perspective better. This is of particular use in more conservative societies where cross gender interactions are sometimes limited. The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive and led  to a successful conclusion of the training activity. Overall the training managed to educate a substantial number of students on conflict prevention and resolution as well as human rights.