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KAS Thailand works in close cooperation with local partners, including both governmental institutions, such as the legislative and the judiciary, and NGOs and universities.

Population & Community Development Association (PDA)

Population & Community Development Association (PDA)
PDA focuses its activities on the fields of democracy building, local self-administration and women emancipation. Furthermore, it also supports income-increasing measures.
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Office of the Administrative Courts (OAC)

Das Büro der thailändischen Verwaltungsgerichte (OAC)
OAC coordinates the administrative and judicial cooperation among the Administrative Courts as well as with the central Court of Appeal. KAS and OAC have implemented common measures to reform and strengthen administrative laws and their enforcement to meet international standards.
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Secretariat of the National Assembly (SNA)

Das Sekretariat des thailändischen Repräsentantenhauses (SNA)
The cooperation between KAS and SNA aims at the improvement of administrative services for the House of Representatives. In addition, it spreads knowledge of the role and function of Parliament and encourages the participation of the people in the democratic process. One especially successful project of the KAS and SNA is a country-wide competition on democracy strengthening in high schools. The number of participants yearly exceeds 1,000 students.
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Office of the Constitutional Court (OCC)

Das Büro des thailändischen Verfassungsgerichts (OCC)
The Constitutional Court is one of the most powerful institutions in Thailand. KAS cooperates with its administrative agency OCC, since its establishment in 1998. The cooperation focuses on the analysis of laws and verdicts, implementing seminars and workshops as wells as issuing publications.
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Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC)

A departmental government body under the Office of the Prime Minister is responsible for supporting the public sector development commission through giving recommendations to the cabinet about the bureaucracy development and other public sector duties to be carried out in accordance with the aim of the National Government Organization Act and the royal decree on the principle and practice of good governance.
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Chiang Mai University (CMU)

Chiang Mai Universität (CMU)
CMU is one of the largest and oldest universities in Thailand. It was founded in 1964 and currently enrols more than 25,000 students. KAS cooperates with CMU mainly in the field of education – focusing on activities in the North and Northeast of Thailand.
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College of Local Administration (COLA), Khon Kaen University

New Logo of Co-partner, COLA-KKU
The College of Local Administration (COLA) was founded at Khon Kaen University (KKU) in 2007 in collaboration with Thailand’s Department of Local Administration in the Ministry of Interior. The purpose is to improve the management capacity of local government officials throughout the country and to serve as a knowledge-repository on government innovation and collaboration. This joint effort was designed to impart and apply knowledge from the field of public administration, emphasizing decentralized management.
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German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Govern. (CPG), Thammasat Uni.

This academic institute conducts academic events, publishes research, as well as offers various services for students, scholars and alumni. Their focus is on areas such as public policy & governance, constitutional law & human rights, and security & peace studies. The KAS has supported the CPG in implementing academic seminars, webinars, and discussion as well as in producing a monthly digital newsletter “Europe in Review”.
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Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS)

Institute of Democratisation Studies (IDS)
An institute promoting the democratisation process in Thailand that has provided many seminars, dialogues, and researches, both to the public and professionals. It is an additional academic source for interested people.

Forward Foundation

The non-profit civil society organisation is administrated by an active group of community development people with the objective to establish sustainable development in the society as well as improve the quality of people's life, education, economy, and other social aspects. Through activities such as seminars or workshops, KAS has supported the Forward Foundation in promoting an understanding and the awareness of the significance of sustainability.

The Forum 21st

Forum 21st
The Forum 21st is a civil society organization that gathers experts, thinkers, practitioners, and people from many sectors and diverse organizations to create a knowledge-based society and to keep up with the changing world. To improve life and society for everyone, the organization works on socio-economic developments of the 21st century which the KAS has partly supported.

Bangkok Tribune

Bangkok Tribune's Logo
An independent online news agency that focuses on reporting the fundamental challenges of environmental issues and climate change mitigation in Thailand and Southeast Asia especially in the Mekong region. The KAS has supported its mission through the implementation of media dialogues, online forums, exhibitions, online news articles and analysis.
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Isra News Agency

This news agency was established by a collaboration of Thai journalists from various newspapers in Thailand. The KAS has supported their missions in reporting investigative news and producing analytic news articles focusing on public policy in the country and its process.
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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Thailand

UNDP Thailand works to improve the lives of the Thai people through the broad thematic areas of democratic governance and social advocacy, inclusive green growth and sustainable development and gender equality. The KAS has supported its mission to consolidate a participatory democracy in the country.
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