Problems on the Law Status and Hierarchy by Virtue of the Thai Constitution on the Royal Decree

Final Report

The publication of the Office of the Constitutional Court of Thailand (OCC) supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. in Thailand aims at disseminating the legal academic work concerning the constitutional laws and other issues related to the current constitution. For this publication, the research inside studied the implementation of the “Royal Decree” under the provision of the Thai constitution as well as its problems of the status and legal hierarchy.

General Data Protection Regulation in Thai Version (2nd Printing)

The digital innovations of the last three decades have completely changed our lives. They made the world faster, more effective, and more connected. They offer great opportunities in terms of employment, access to knowledge, and service to the citizens. However, one worrying downside is large-scale personal data collection. Private and public organizations have gained access to various aspects of people’s personal life. Thanks to new information technologies, they started collecting data on individuals’ whereabouts, purchase behavior, health and wealth, social background and community, and even political affinity.

Guidelines on Performance of Administrative Duties

Derived from the 2019 Decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court

The publication of the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand (OAC) supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V. in Thailand aims at disseminating current case laws deriving from the decisions of the Supreme Administrative Court in the year 2019. The target readers are administrative judges, administrative case officials, administrative agencies as well as government officials. The KAS hopes that this publication will be a useful tool for the officials’ performance development and that it will contribute to reducing the number of administrative disputes.

Khon Kaen Model

A Compilation of Articles and Lessons Learned from the Project

The publication by the College of Local Administration of Khon Kaen University aims to memorialise by recounting the development process to be a smart city of Khon Kaen province which has assembled every unit from governmental offices and private sectors to its citizens in order to actualise the anticipated model. The information is very well compiled by the authors and will be a truly beneficial source to governmental officials, academicians, private sectors, and also the general public for their further studies and researches in the area of smart city establishment.

General Data Protection Regulation in Thai Language

In cooperation with Privacy Thailand which is a civil society organisation working and researching on data protection issue to raise awareness and encourage a development in Thai society, this KAS-supported publication therefore aims to provide knowledge about the GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union as a new international standard and a sample tool to citizen’s rights protection for legal officers in state agencies and staff members in business associations in Thailand as well as law students/experts, academicians, media, and general public.

The Collective Volume Articles of the President and Justices of the Constitutional Court in International Conference

The Constitutional Readers 2019

This Thai-English publication published by the Office of the Constitutional Court of Thailand aims to gather and publicise academic articles as well as legal opinions relating to constitutional laws and other relevant constitutional issues from various papers that were presented at international conferences by the president and justices of the constitutional court of the Kingdom of Thailand. The publication will be a significant source for both Thai and foreign lawyers, legal students and lecturers, academics, and interested people.

The Constitutional Court Rulings 2017-2018

Due to the period of political and constitutional reforms in Thailand, this publication published by the Office of the Constitutional Court of Thailand consists of the summaries of the Constitutional Court Rulings No. 1-3/2560 of the year 2017 with a total of three cases and the Constitutional Court Ruling No. 1-8/2561 of the year 2018 with a total of seven cases in both English and Thai languages. The summaries compiled here provide a comprehensive overview for Thai and foreign readers, researchers, and parties concerned on the development of the Constitutional Court’s jurisprudence and constitutional case adjudication.

New Angle Look on Decentralisation towards the Local Administrative Organisations

Intending to develop and provide guidelines for strengthening the local administration, this publication compiles many worth-studying articles concerning issues of decentralisation, local administration reform, and reviews of local administration development. Besides in the publication there are additional articles on concept of democracy with local administration as its base. Case studies from various communities and cities were also presented in the book for further researches and comparative studies.

Act on Establishment of Administrative Courts and Administrative Court Procedure

B.E. 2542 (1999) as amended by the Amendment No.12 in B.E. 2562

The publication is published by the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand with a financial support from Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Thailand Office. It aims to update the court officials and interested persons about the amended details in the Act in order for them to use it as a correct source for their further activities or any missions. Also in the book is the Rule of the General Assembly of the Judge of the Supreme Administrative Court B.E. 2543 (2000) as amended by the Amendment No. 8 in B.E. 2562.

Guideline Regarding the Performance of Court Officials on the Supreme Administrative Court's Decision for the Year 2018

The book published by the Office of the Administrative Courts of Thailand in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation compiles the details, court procedures, and court decisions in administrative cases concerning the state official’s performances. The given information and knowledge would be the significant factors for improvement of official duties in governmental and administrative organisations.