Enhancing Digital Government Capacity for Local Government Officials

KAS-COLA Workshop

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, it is more important than ever for the local administrative organisations in Thailand to deliver the public services efficiently for the benefits of the citizens. Besides, to achieve the key objective of the good governance, the policy formulation and implementation have to involve the citizens in the process. The questions are how well the local governments connect to the people in the areas and how responsive the public services can be in this challenging time.


PR Poster KAS-COLA's Workshop on Enhancing Digital Government Capacity
PR Poster KAS-COLA's Workshop on Enhancing Digital Government Capacity

To tackle this significant issue, the College of Local Administration at Khon Kaen University will hold a workshop with the support of the KAS in Thailand. The workshop aims at enhancing the skills of the local government administrators in the use of online platforms and digital devices in order to answer the needs of the people in time. The event will also open the chances for the participants to discuss mutual key issues faced in the application of digital technology at the local level in order to find the joint solution for further development. Participants in the event will be from the local administrative organisations in the northeastern provinces of Thailand. The topics in this workshop include the following issues.


- Digital government initiatives and transformation;

- Digital literacy for professional and personal life;

- Digital tools for efficient daily operation and participatory democracy


In the afternoon, the event will provide a brainstorming activity which will encourage the participants to discuss and present their ideas of digital initiatives possible for the local administration development in Thailand.

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