Enhancing Effectiveness in Case Management and Strengthening Court Personnel’s Expertise

Seminar for OAC's directors of offices and bureaus

The Office of the Administrative Courts with the support of the KAS Thailand organizes a seminar to enhance knowledge on the OAC’s policies and directions to prepare for the court mission in the year 2021.


The topics in the seminar are:


- The OAC and the implementation of the Administrative Court’s master plan in the fiscal year 2021;


- Approaches for the Adjustment of the OAC’s working system in the new normal circumstances;


- Budget administration, disbursement, procurement, and human resource management;


- Approaches for the Enhancing Effectiveness in Administration of the Offices of the Regional Administrative Courts

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TK Palace Hotel Bangkok
54 7 Chaengwattana Road soi 15,
10210 กรุงเทพมหานคร



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