International Partnership and Development Policy in Thailand

Online Seminar

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is pleased to invite you to: Online Seminar: International Partnership and Development Policy in Thailand


IDS International Partnership and Development Policy in Thailand
IDS International Partnership and Development Policy in Thailand

International partnership and development policy, with the ultimate goal to reduce poverty, ensure sustainable development; and promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law across the world.  In order to intensify international competitiveness, international partnership continues to assist development of infrastructure, and supports development of human resources for industries which can contribute to enhancing productivity, and to creating value-added goods and services.


In terms of the environment, international partnership supports various efforts at local and national level, and also cooperates with Thailand to address climate change. In addition to these activities, international partnership continues efforts with Thailand to tackle problems related to development, such as the ageing issue and the healthcare issue.


This seminar is the second of a series of Thailand's Public Policy Formulation, Conflict Resolution, and Reconciliation of Social Interests organized by the Institute for Democratization Studies (IDS) and the KAS. It will take place on Tuesday, August 31 at 9:00 (Bangkok Time) via Zoom Programme, and will be conducted in Thai language.


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International Partnership and Development Policy in Thailand

​​​​​1. The Role of Member of the Parliament on Foreign Affairs

By Dr. Theerarat Samrejvanich, Member of the Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs

2. EU and KAS Strategic Partnership to Thailand

By Mrs. Napajaree Jiwanantaprawat, Senior Project Manager, Konrad Adenauer Sfitfung - Thailand Office

3. UN and the Decade of Reformation

By Dr. Antika Preeyanon, Office of Executive Secretary, UN ESCAP, Bangkok Thailand

4. Discussion on "International Partnership and Development Policy in Thailand"

By Dr. Jutamanee Samakkeenit and Dr. Channawoot Chairaksa, Department of Political Science and Public Administration,

Faculty of Social Science, Naresuan University

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Zoom Meeting


  • Dr. Theerarat Samrejvanich
    • Mrs. Napajaree Jiwanantaprawat
    • Dr. Antika Preeyanon
    • Dr. Channawoot Chairaksa
    • and Dr. Jutamanee Samakkeenit