Preparation for Case Trials Charged by Asset Scrutiny Commission (ASC) and National Counter Corruption Commission (NCCC)



The seminar has a main objective to study complicated forms of corruption, how to handle them and how to go after corrupt politicians. A number of 400 participants is expected, consisting of judges, research justices and officials of the Supreme Court, officials from Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the National Counter Corruption Commission, the Office of the Election Commission of Thailand, the Office of the Royal Thai Police, law professors, lawyers and media.

The knowledge gained from this seminar will help participants improve efficiency in their work performance, which will be indirectly useful for the country in developing its political stability and integrity.

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Institute of Justice Development, Ratchadapisek Road, Bangkok


  • The Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Positions in the Supreme Court

    Dr. Lars Peter Schmidt †

    Resident Representative to India

    Provided by

    Thailand Office