Strengthen Local Administrative Organizations Network in Four Southernmost Provinces




Based on its monitoring and assessment of the situation of the three Southern border provinces that have faced continuous problems since 2001, the Sawasdee Thai Foundation discovers some following important problems:

  1. The overall situation is not calm and there is a tendency that people will get accustomed to occurring violence,
  2. if their potentials are appropriately developed, the local administrative organizations, such as sub-district administrative organizations and provincial administrative organizations, will play a role in helping communicate for emergence of reconciliation, and
  3. with administration through participatory process in place, the work of the local administrative organizations can help decrease the area and scope of the problem.
Based on these observations, the Sawasdee Thai Foundation has found out that local administrative organizations in the three Southern border provinces, as organizations the are close to villagers and compared with governmental organizations that are not close to the community, are able to grasp the problems more greatly, should be given continuous and serious support in kind of potential development.

Based on its study on the problems of local administrative organizations, it was found out that the following important areas of potential development need to be in place:

  1. understanding of process of sustainable developmental operation,
  2. organizational administration that needs connection and coordination between community needs and governmental regulations,
  3. project writing to request for budgetary support from the government, and
  4. preparation of programmes which focus at communities.
These areas will help develop the working potential to become more efficient.

Local administrative organizations need to learn about development and the building up of network both among themselves and with private organizations that have experiences of working on development at community level.

This seminar has objectives:

  1. To build up knowledge and understanding on the process of planning and sustainable development operation.
  2. To improve organizational management efficiency.
  3. To help enabling project implementation and project writing.
  4. To lay down foundation of knowledge and comprehension on the building up of local development network.
Target groups are members of local administrative organizations consisted of Tambon (Sub-district) Administrative Organizations (TAOs), Provincial Administrative organizations (PAOs), and Municipalities in four Southern provinces of Thailand: Yala, Narathiwat, Pattani and Satun.

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CS Hotel, Pattani


  • Sawasdee Foundation and Local Administrative Organizations in the Four Southernmost Provinces

    Dr. Lars Peter Schmidt †

    Resident Representative to India

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