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Focussing on Women Leaders for Effective Service Delivery

By WOTODEV (Women Together for Development)

Participants will be women leaders from LC1 to LC3 from Kasese. Topics will include women in a multiparty political system and the roles local councillors in community development

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The workshop is premised on the need to scale up the active involvement of women in leadership as a cornerstone for promoting effective service delivery at the local level. Participants will be exposed to a deeper understanding of their roles in facilitating community development.

The training also aims to empower local women leaders with appropriate skills to participate effectively in all leaderships and decision making processes in their councils and their areas. We intend to facilitate local level development with effective and meaningful female participation.

The programme also offers exposure of women leaders to multiparty politics. This involves training them in the tenets of multiparty governance, the role of women and how they as women can position themselves to participate effectively in political parties and national governance under political pluralism. Our target is to facilitate political pluralism in Uganda with effective participation of females.

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Kasese Town Council Hall - Kasese District


Peter Girke

Peter Girke (2021)

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Yusuf Kiranda

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