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Public Dialogue on Land (Ammendment) Bill 2007

organized by the Foundation for African Development

The dialogue is a part of a series of dicussions organised byFAD under KAS funding on the proposed land ammendment bill. FAD is holding simillar activities is Central, Western and Northern Uganda.

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The government is proposing controversial amendments to the 1998 Land Act, something that has generated strong opposition from landlords, a cross-section of parliamentarians and indeed the general public. KAS has contributed towards to the debate by supporting a public dialogue on the proposed changes in the land law. Whereas the government urges that the proposed changes are aimed at protecting the poor who have suffered endless evictions by land owners in the recent past, the opponents insist that the bill is a deliberate attempt by government to facilitate the grabbing of land in favour of a few individuals and foreign investors. This equally comes amidst unresolved issues related to land distribution in the country, the most outstanding being some 9000sq miles that were at the time of colonialism, allocated to the Uganda’s biggest cultural institution (Buganda Kingdom) and is to date under control of the central government and has been a centre of debate for the past decade with continuous demands from the Buganda people that the same be returned.

The aim of KAS in supporting land related dialogues is to give an opportunity for a multiplicity of stakeholders to engage in genuine and honest deliberations on land matters with a passionate desire that a consensus may be reached.

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Gulu Town, Northern Uganda


  • Hon. Nobert Mao who is the Gulu LC 5 Chairperson and Regional Vice President for the Democratic Party in Northern Uganda will be key speaker at the dialogue.

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