Training Workshop for Women Leaders, IGANGA DISTRICT

Organised by Women Together for Development (WOTODEV)

The workshop will involve women leaders and aspiring leaders in Iganga district including local councilors at LCs 1, 2 & 3, women from political parties and civil society groups. Topics will include women in multiparty politics and leadership skills.


The Training workshops organized by WOTODEV under KAS funding aim to equip women leaders with the appropriate knowledge and skills to participate effectively in decision making processes and how to promote the interests of women and their communities. The seminars further empower grassroots women to aspire for and take up leadership positions within their communities, political parties, local councils and civic groups while encouraging those who are already in leadership to rise higher. Special emphasis is drawn towards deepening women’s understanding of the functioning and tenets of multiparty politics.

Whereas Uganda transited to political pluralism, there is still a big gender gap with regard to participation in leadership within political parties as well as the local and national politics which has continued to be a male domain, with low female participation. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has been supporting WOTODEV to confront the male dominance through gender based interventions particularly training women in politics and leadership.

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Education Resource Centre, Iganga District


Yusuf Kiranda

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Programme Officer +256 312 26 20 11/2