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Youth4Policy Migration Fellowship

Introduction to Migration and Forced Displacement.

Youth4Policy is an initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung aimed at empowering the next generation of policy experts to meaningfully contribute to policy analysis and public debates. Youth4Policy serves as a capacity development lab for youth leaders from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds such as academia, civil society, and public service with a motivation to research and analyze specific policy questions from a youth perspective. Particularly for the next five years, the fellowship program shall attract young researchers who are interested to study and explore pertinent policy questions around migration and forced displacement issues in Uganda and South Sudan.

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Y4P Migration Fellowship Overview & Structure (1) download

Migration is an important phenomenon in Ugandan’s history and present. It is captured in key narratives about Uganda as a refugee sending and refugee receiving country, not to mention its impacts on the economic fortunes of the nation. Uganda has come to be defined by its generous refugee-hosting model, a novel, internationally recognized permissible approach to receiving and integrating displaced persons. But the country‘s troubled socio-political history has led to the emigration of Ugandans across the globe over time, creating a sizeable Ugandan diaspora on the continent and beyond. Indeed, more recently, economic challenges at home have motivated a concerted effort to systematize labor migration or labor export as a strategy for human resource management and economic development.

From the above background, a plethora of fundamental questions ensue: what policy options, processes, structures, and instruments are necessary to ensure the full and efficient functioning of the migration and refugee management order in Uganda? What key values and principles should inform it? What actors and institutions should shape it? And how should it be actualized? What are geopolitical aspects of migration and force-displacement in Uganda? Throughout 2022, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) shall work with 20 fellows to analyze and attempt to find answers to these questions. In doing so, the fellows shall produce well-informed opinion articles, blogs, and policy briefs that provide relevant recommendations to stakeholders working in the field of refugee and forced-displacement management.

The fellows shall participate in a series of activities, such as workshops, conferences, roundtable discussions, and fieldwork. During the fellowship, the fellows shall be supported to produce well-researched newspaper-style articles that shall be published on different platforms. The complete the fellowship, the fellows shall also be supported to produce well-researched policy papers that address fundamental policy questions around migration and forced displacement issues in Uganda and beyond.


Programme for the Y4P Migration First Seminar

Here you will find the program for download: Y4P Migration Fellowship Overview & Structure (1).pdf

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