Internationales Adenauer Netzwerk

International Adenauer Network
Internationales Adenauer Netzwerk

Politische Entwicklungen und Herausforderungen wie Migration, Digitalisierung und die zunehmende Infragestellung multilateralen Handelns haben globale Auswirkungen und betreffen uns alle. Wenngleich einige politische Fragestellungen auf den ersten Blick ein regionales Phänomen zu sein scheinen, ist es unabdingbar, die Auswirkungen und Dimensionen in einem globalen Kontext zu analysieren und zu diskutieren.

Das Internationale Adenauer Netzwerk bringt junge und hochmotivierte Nachwuchspolitiker aus Europa, Lateinamerika, Asien, Afrika und dem Nahen Osten zusammen. Unser Ziel ist es, verschiedene Sichtweisen und unterschiedliche Standpunkte einzubeziehen, um eine kontinuierliche Plattform für den kontroversen Austausch und Dialog zu schaffen.


International Adenauer Network
The International Adenauer Network aims at bringing young and highly motivated politicians together from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Florencia Suarez Bacarro
Adviser to the Secretary of the Government Secretariat of Modernization of the Argentine Republic.
Astik Sinha
Sr. Aide to Minister of State for Finance & Corporate Affairs.
Chean Chung Lee
Treasurer General of People’s Justice Party.
Bruno Kazuhiro
National Chairman of Democratas Youth
Jargalan Batbayar
Vice-President, Democratic Women’s Union, Democratic Party of Mongolia.
Apasipanga John Anamganya
Vice President, Tertiary Education Students confederacy of the New Patriotic Party, University of Ghana.




Alexandra Zins
Germany, Member of the executive board of Junge Union Saxony & Lower Silesia; Member of federal commission of Junge Union of Family, Integration and Social Affairs, Policy Adviser to a Member of Parliament


My name is Alexandra Zins and I am 25 years old. In my bachelor’s degree I studied politics, organization and administration at the University Potsdam with experience abroad in Paris, Brussels and Budapest. Moreover, I am working as a legislative policy advisor to a member of parliament of the CDU. Personally, I am interested in digitization of the administration.



Apasipanga John Anamganya
Ghana, Vice President, Tertiary Education Students confederacy of the New Patriotric Party, University of Ghana (TESCON)


Apasipanga John Anamganya is a Ghanaian Youth Activist, Politician, and an Entrepreneur. He served as Vice President of the Tertiary Students’ Confederacy (TESCON) of the New Patriotic Party, University of Ghana where he oversaw student mobilization and communicating the policies and programmes of the party to students.

An incurable optimist, he believes that the essence and central theme of politics and leadership must culminate in changing the lives of the ordinary people. This belief is underpinned by his own experiences growing up in Northern Ghana, where poverty confronts the people squarely.  

John currently works with Ghana’s upstream petroleum regulator, the Petroleum Commission as a Policy Analyst. He researches into the Institutional and Policy Framework on the upstream petroleum sector and develops concept papers that are converted into policy documents.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics from the University of Ghana and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs & Diplomacy also at the same University. 



Christina Balaska
Greece, Youth of the EPP Dep. Secretary General – ONNED International Secretary


My name is Christina Balaska (28). I come from Athens, Greece, where I've been born, raised and currently working. I am the Deputy Secretary General of the Youth of the European People's Party. Attorney at Law by profession with an LL.M. in European Union Law working as a legal counsel to the Greek Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs



Jargalan Batbayar
Mongolia, Vice-President, Democratic Women’s Union, Democratic Party of Mongolia


I am Vice-Chairwoman of the Democratic Women's Union, the women's wing of the Democratic Party of Mongolia. I serve as the head of the Democratic Party’s Education and Science Policy Board. I graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in economics.



Doris Cornel Gillius
Tanzania, Policy Analyst


My name is Doris Cornel, a policy analysis specialist based in Tanzania. I am also a human rights activist advocating for political rights, democracy and justice for minority groups across East Africa. I hold a Master’s Degree in International Social Welfare and Health Policy from Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway.



Chean Chung Lee
Malaysia, Treasurer General of People’s Justice Party


I am Chean Chung, currently the Treasurer General of People’s Justice Party, and elected State Assem-blyman of Semambu Constituency. I have graduated from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Na-tional University of Singapore (NUS) after completing a Master in Public Administration in 2019. I served in the Opposition Leader’s Office for 3 years before participating and winning the election in 2013 and 2018.



Nathalie Herberger
Germany, Legislative Policy Advisor to a Member of Parliament, CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group


I am Nathalie Herberger, a PhD candidate in the field of cyber security relations. Alumna of the Kon-rad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Hertie School of Governance. My professional experience spans work-ing as a political advisor for the International Office at the CDU Germany, the German Bundestag, and the EPP in Brussels. I am Vice-Chairperson of the Junge Union Berlin and Chair of the International Commission.



Marie-Lina Hraoui
Lebanon, International Secretary of the Kataeb Students and Youth Department (KSYD)


My name is Marie-Lina Hraoui. I have a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy and currently doing research in Molecular Biology. Moreover, I am the International Secretary of the Kataeb Students and Youth Department of the Lebanese Kataeb Party and Co-Founder of the Start-Up “Vertigreau Hydroponic Tech”.



Bruno Kazuhiro
Brazil, Chairman of the International Young Democrat Union


I am Bruno Kazuhiro, 33 years old, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. I graduated from Law School and got my Master’s degree in Political Science at Rio de Janeiro’s Federal and State universities respective-ly. I am a former national youth president for 6 years of Democratas, Brazilian Center-right party, and a former State Secretary for Infrastructure of Rio de Janeiro state. Today I act as Chairman of the In-ternational Young Democrat Union.



Aya Khiari
Tunisia, General Secretary of Tounes Clean Up Association and member of Nidaa Tounes


I am Aya Khiari, I am in charge of distance learning in strengthening parliamentary work at the University of Senghor and the Assembly of « La Francophonie », I am also member of Nidaa Tounes political party and a founding member and secretary general of Tounes Clean Up Association.



Dr. Stephan Klenner
Germany, Journalist (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)


My name is Stephan Klenner and I live in Frankfurt am Main. I studied law in Marburg, received my doctorate in school law and work as a journalist for a renowned German newspaper.



Elie Obeid
Lebanon, Vice Chairman and International Secretary – Lebanese Forces Youth Association


My name is Elie Obeid, I am Lebanese and I currently hold the position of Vice Chairman and Interna-tional Secretary of the Lebanese Forces Youth Association. Moreover, I am an expert in geopolitics and Middle East Affairs and a freelance International Relations and Policy Development Consultant.



Astik Sinha
India, Senior Aide to Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Youth Affairs & Sports



Astik Sinha is a Senior Policy Advisor to the Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Youth Affairs & Sports. Currently, he is [...] in India. A Public Policy Specialist, he has worked on Finance & Corporate Affairs, ITC issues, public health, elections and as a speaker represented India at over two dozen forums around the world.



Sam Stead
New Zealand, Manager for Strategy, Performance & Capability


I am Manager for Strategy, Performance & Capability for the National Party of New Zealand. From 2018 to 2021 I was President of the NZ Young Nationals (Young Nats), the largest and oldest youth wing in New Zealand. Previously, I worked as a Management Consultant in the professional services industry based in Wellington.



Kim Thy Tong
Germany, Legislative Policy Advisor to a Member of Parliament


I am Kim Thy Tong and deputy federal chairwoman of the Junge CDA (Young Group of Christian Democratic workers’ association). Moreover, I work as a legislative policy advisor to a member of parliament of the CDU. Personally I am interested in EU-Asia trade and security relations.



Lamin Darboe
The Gambia, Executive Director, The Gambia National Youth Council


I am the Executive Director of Gambia National Youth Council. I am a social justice and political rights advocate who coordinated the establishment of the Inter-Party Youth Platform. I have experience especially on issues around democracy, migration, and social mobilization.



Florencia Suarez Bacarro
Argentina, Advisor to the Secretary of the Government Secretariat of Modernization of the Argentine Republic


I am Florencia Suarez Baccaro a young Leader specialized in Foreign affairs, currently serving as the International Relations Secretary of the youth branch of Pro Party. I held a degree in International Relations with a postgraduate in International Security (NPSGlobal Foundation). Currently serving as an advisor to the Governmental Secretary of Modernization, also as a professor of Argentinean Foreign Policy at the Catholic University of Argentina. I was part of the Argentinean delegation at the Youth Federation Forum — Beijing, 2017 and a fellow of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) as part of the FURP / U.S.A. program 2019.



Cengizhan Güngör
Turkey, Chairman of Foreign Affairs of AK Party Youth Branch


I graduated from University of Florida, USA, Department of Food Resource and Economics in 2013. I am conducting my family company. Since 2018 I am a Chairman for Foreign Affairs of AK Party Youth Branch.



Dr Ákos Péter Mernyei
Hungary, Ministerial Commissioner (PM’s Office) and Chief of Staff to the Deputy Minister of the PM’s Office


I am Ákos Péter Mernyei and I work as Ministerial Commissioner, Chief of Staff and Advisor to the Deputy Minister responsible for Strategic and Parliamentary Affairs in Hungary. Besides, I teach law at two Hungarian Universities.



Lucky Litole Jemutai
Kenya, Senior Administrator, County Public Service Board


I am a senior administrative officer in West Pokot County. I am passionate about gender youth affairs, and women empowerment in leadership, through holding seminars in the remote areas.



Marisela Terrazas-Muñoz
Mexico, State Legislator of Chihuahua


Marisela Terrazas Muñoz is State Legislator of Chihuahua. She leads laws projects on childhood, youth and family issues. She also supports Congress on binational issues on the border with the United States.

Marisela has participated in politics since she was 16 years old in the National Action Party (PAN).



Mira Radenović
Serbia, International Secretary of the City Committee of the Serbian Progressive Party in Novi Sad


Mira Radenović was born in Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia. Since 2014 she is the International Secretary of the City Committee of the Serbian Porgressive Party in Novi Sad and Team Coordinator for Education at the City Council of the Serbian Progressive Party in Novi Sad. Mira became a member of the city council responsible for urban planning, city property and environmental protection in Novi Sad in 2016. In 2015, she started her PhD studies at the University of Novi Sad in Environmental Protection and Quality Control.