Consultative Meeting with the Special Committee of the National Assembly

Überarbeitung der Geschäftsordnung

A Consultative Meeting on the Internal Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly will be held by KAS on 10th September 2015.


To support the revision process in the past, KAS had organized several thematic workshops such as on the “Roles of Commissions”, “Roles and Functions of Parliamentary Groups”, “Implementing the principle of Proportionality in the working and organizational procedures of the Parliament” to provide additional input and advice to the Special Committee.

As the revision of the Internal Rules are in need of trustful and confident discussions, KAS suggests to deepen the Committee’s support, in order to provide advanced advice on concepts and formulations, resulting in a revised version, which both political parties can adhere too.

The meeting aims to develop a joint understanding on

a) the timeframe for the finalization of the revision of the Internal Rules,

b) the involvement of KAS and CIM Advisors to provide technical input,

c) a joint understanding on the approach/steering of the revision process and the role of the Advisors/KAS in the future.


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Denis Schrey

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Head of the Multinational Development Policy Dialogue

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Senior Programme Manager

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