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1 | 2014

Major Cities in Emerging Countries

Emerging Megacities in Latin America: Instrumental in Shaping a Global Development | Unprecedented Societal Transformation: Hopes and Challenges for China’s Urbanisation | South African Cities Two Decades on from Apartheid: Historically Divided between Rich and Poor | „Good Living“ and the „Social and Solidarity-Based Economy“ in Ecuador: The Balance of Economic and Social Policy Between Constitutionally Protected Rights and Living Reality | Qatar between Marketing and Realpolitik: A Smart Business Model for a Micro-State?

12 | 2013

Security Policy

Global Commons - The protection of global public goods as a challenge for German security policy | Brazil’s maritime strategy in the South Atlantic - The nexus between security and resources | Central Asia facing ISAF withdrawal from Afghanistan - Islamist threats and regional solutions | The far-right Jobbik party and the situation of political extremism in Hungary | End to an era - Transfer of power in Georgia

11 | 2013

Nationalism in Asia

The Resurgence of Nationalism in East Asia: A Threat to Regional Stability? | South Korea on a Journey of Self-Discovery: From „Victim Nationalism“ to Nation Branding | Parliamentary Elections 2013 and the Development of the Political Parties in Cambodia | Elections in 14 Mexican States – A Local Snapshot and a First Test of the “Pact for Mexico” | Mali Secured? The Elections Were Successful, but the Problems Persist

10 | 2013

Islam and Political Parties

Exception or Pioneers: Political Islam in Marocco | Between Religion, Extremism and Governmental Responsibility: Political Islam in the Palestinian Territories | Islamic Parties and Democracy in Indonesia: Insights from the World’s largest Muslim Country | Argenchina: The Chinese Presence in Argentina

9 | 2013

Tradition and Justice

Indigenous and State Justice in Latin America – Cooperation or Coexistence? | Politics, Chieftaincy and Customary Law in Ghana | Informal Justice in the Palestinian Legal System – Conflict or Coexistence between Legal Orders? | The Syrian Refugee Crisis as a Result of the Unresolved Conflict in Syria | The European External Action Service – A Difficult Start of an Innovative Institution

8 | 2013

Elections and Transitions in the Islamic World

The Role of Saudi Arabia and Iran During and After the Upheaval in the Arab World | The Election of Hasan Rouhani as Seventh President of the Islamic Republic of Iran | The Territorial Conflict Between the Central Iraqi Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government | The Historical Context of the 2013 Parliamentary Elections in Pakistan | Progress and Setbacks for the Rule of Law in South East Europe | Democracy without Parties – The Philippines in the Patronage Trap

7 | 2013


Muslims in Bulgaria: Degree of Integration, Political Representation and Social Status of the Turkish, Pomak and Roma Peoples | Alienated Neighbors: The Integration of the Russian-speaking Minority in Latvia | Fighting for Land and Identity: The Perpetual Struggle of the Indigenous Peoples in Southwest Mindanao | Political Awakening in Malaysia: Despite Victory, Government Coalition Emerges Weakened from the Parliamentary Elections | Insecurity in Nigeria: The „Boko Haram“ Dimension

6 | 2013

Reforms in Europe

Under Pressure – Greece in the Process of Economic, Political and Social Reform | France 2013: Turning Point or Failure? | Crisis in the Iberian Peninsula. Economic and institutional reforms and the call for a political shift in Spain and Portugal | M23 Rebellion – A Further Chapter in the Violence in Eastern Congo | South Africa as part of the BRICS group – The emerging countries’ gateway to the African continent | Migration Patterns in Latin America and the Case of Chile

5 | 2013

Young People and Their Political Involvement

The Youth Factor: Innovative Election Campaign Methods in the USA and their Transferability to Germany | Young People in Uganda: Opportunities and Challenges in the Second Youngest Country in the World | The President’s Young Guard: Kirchnerist youth organisation La Cámpora quietly and secretly turns Argentina upside down | Elections in Ecuador: President Correa’s election victory allows for unlimited continuation of the “people’s revolution” | Israel and Climate Change | Black Belt Politics: Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė | Non-Governmental Organisations in Russia: On the Situation One Year after Putin's Re-Election

4 | 2013

Processing the Past

International Crime Tribunal For The Former Yugoslawia And Coming To Terms With The Past In The Affected Countries | Silence Or Outrage – How South East Europe’s Media Deal With The Past | The Contribution of The Khmer Rouge Tribunal To Reconciliation, Remembrance And Memorialisation in Cambodia | Presence and Future Of The Past – China Between Remembering And Forgetting | Corporate Social Responsibility And Climate Protection in China – The Contribution Of Chinese Enterprises To Sustainable Development

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This periodical responds to questions concerning international issues, foreign policy and development cooperation. It is aimed at access of information about the international work for public and experts.

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