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This periodical responds to questions concerning international issues, foreign policy and development cooperation. It is aimed at access of information about the international work for public and experts.


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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung publishes four issues of International Reports per year. Single issues: 10 €. Cheaper subscription rates. There is a special discount for students. For more information and orders, please contact:



Benjamin Gaul

Benjamin Gaul bild

Head of International Reports and Communication

benjamin.gaul@kas.de +49 30 26996 3584

Samuel Krug

Samuel Krug 2020

Editor in chief International reports

samuel.krug@kas.de +49 30 26996 3818

Louisa Heuss

Louisa Heuss (2020)

Referentin Kommunikation und Vermarktung

louisa.heuss@kas.de +49 30 26996 3916 +49 30 26996 53916

Dr. Anja Schnabel


Managing Editor International Reports

anja.schnabel@kas.de +49 (0)30-26996-3740