Global Peace Index 2017 Brussels Launch

The Institute for Economics and Peace will be releasing the 11th edition of its Global Peace Index. Is the world becoming more or less peaceful?


Mr. Serge Stroobants, Brussels Representative for the Institute for Economics and Peace, invites you to the official Launch of the Global Peace Index 2017. The GPI has become the world’s leading measure of peacefulness over the last 16 years, deeply analyzing issues such as terrorism, human rights and their links to global economic health. The launch will highlight how we measure peace meaningfully, new surprises in drivers of peace, and deeper analysis of the economic impact of major threats.

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Vesalius college, Boulevard de la Plaine 5, 1050 Brussels


  • Steve Killelea (Founder and Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace
    • Sandra Melone (Executive Vice-President
      • Director of Brussels HQ Search for Common Ground)

        Maria Christian

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