FICCI-KAS Virtual Dialogues: The New Normal Series, Dialogue V: From Global to Glocal in the New Normal

We are delighted to invite you to FICCI-KAS Virtual Dialogues: The New Normal Series, Dialogue V: “From Global to Glocal in the New Normal” on Friday, May 29, 2020 between 1100-1245 hrs (IST) on Zoom platform


FICCI-KAS Virtual Dialogues: The New Normal Series, Dialogue V: From Global to Glocal in the New Normal
FICCI-KAS Virtual Dialogues: The New Normal Series, Dialogue V: From Global to Glocal in the New Normal

The global pandemic outbreak has given rise to the ‘New Normal’ in all aspects of societal living and productivity. The FICCI-KAS New Normal series seeks to examine the paradigm shift, new norms, novel ways of adapting and coping, the deployment of technology as an enabler and catalyst and the evolution of humanity – collectively and as individuals shaping the narrative.


While earlier Dialogues examined the ‘Future of Work’, applied a ‘Gender Lens to COVID-19’,  discussed ‘the Value of Sustainability in the New Normal’ and deliberated upon the ‘Digital Future: Raising the Bandwidth’ respectively, the fifth Dialogue in the ‘New Normal’ series shall feature a discussion on how the world is gravitating from globalisation to glocalisation from various perspectives.


PM Modi has stated: “Way ahead lies in Local, local manufacturing, local markets, local supply chain, local is not merely a need but a responsibility. Be vocal about local”.


The fifth FICCI-KAS Dialogue aims to analyse how the shift from global to glocal will pan out in a world affected by the global pandemic. The Dialogue shall examine the following facets:


- The wave of globalization has swept the world off its feet for the past few decades, leaving almost no nation of the world untouched by its       influence. How does the future appear? Would these close-knit links across the world evolve and stay resilient or wither away in the face of recent   challenges?


- How feasible is this in practical terms given the well-entrenched production, export flows, supply chains, spheres of technological influence and   comparative advantage?


- How would the forces of glocalisation impact the global and the local value and supply chains? How does this impact trade and investment in the new normal owing to restrictions on movement of goods and services all over the world?


- What impact would glocalisation have on urbanisation and large-scale concentrated economic activity?


-  Would MNCs have to go into a phase of reorganisation and decentralisation to access the larger, more culturally varied target market?


- What impact will this have on migration and the skills ecosystem?


- How does the concept of glocalisation connect with development and SDG Goal 17 in the New Normal that aims to build Partnerships For The Goals by fostering global conversations to bring together opinion shapers, investors and communities to mobilize global resources to achieve local   impact?


-  What impact will glocalisation have on the knowledge economy and role of technology companies and the research community to leverage global   knowledge to resolve local problems?


-  Can glocalisation lead to a positive impact on the environment and resource utilisation?


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