Transitions and Transformations

Perspectives on the Future of Work in Asia

The publication examines how technology, digitalization, and other relevant forces shape the future of work in Asia. The first section provides an anticipatory look at how life and work is restructured by wide-ranging technological changes. The second section focuses on how our educational systems can be reconfigured to keep up and take advantage of these changes. Lastly, the third section evaluates how similar technologies have different impacts on different sectors of the economy.

Table of Contents

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Introduction by Duncan Campbell


Section I. Anticipating Life and Work in a Digital Society and Economy

1. Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work in Asia: Prospects and Challenges

Mohammad Hassan SHAKIL

2. Is COVID-19 Accelerating the Automation and Digitalization in Emerging Economies in Asia?

Shamima NASRIN and Aisah

3. ASEAN Digital Masterplan 2025: Future of Work Perspective in Indonesia

Catherine SETIAWAN

4. Towards Indonesia 2045: Unleashing Indonesia’s Workforce Potentials

Lestary Jakara BARANY and Dandy RAFITRANDI


Section II. Renovating Education Systems for a New Labor Market

5. China’s Socioeconomic Development Strategy and Its Education Policy

Joseph Yu-shek CHENG

6. Digital Transformation: Exploring the Tertiary-Education Offering in Cambodia

Riccardo CORRADO, Sowinta KAY, and Patchanee TUNGJAN

7. The Future of Jobs and Education: The Role of STEM Uptake and Employability in Penang

Ong Wooi LENG, Lee Siu MING, and Ng Kar YONG

8. Advancing Knowledge Capital in Transforming the Future of Work in Southeast Asia

John Paolo RIVERA and Eylla Laire GUTIERREZ

9. Employability Gaps of the Future Vietnamese Workforce in the Digital Era

Giang Hien TRAN, Oanh Thu Thi NGUYEN, and Trang Huyen DANG


Section III. Same Technology, Different Impacts for Sectors and Labor-Market Subgroups

10. Working in Policy: The Shift of Labour Structure, Towards Service-Sector Employment in the Age of Digital Expansion in Vietnam

Nguyen Thanh TRUNG and Quan Thu HUYEN

11. The Impact of Automation on Jobs in the Agriculture Sector in Malaysia


12. Formalizing Informal Work: Case Study of Street Vendors in Hanoi During and Beyond the Pandemic

Trang Vu HONG

13. Required Skills for the Future Work of Persons with Disabilities: Perspectives of PWDs in Cambodia

Ponleu SOUN

14. A Work Style Revolution in Japan: The Case of Fujitsu, How the Shift Away From Office-Based Work as a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted the Corporate Culture in Japan

Martin FRITZ


Cristita Marie Perez

Cristita Marie Perez KAS

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