Seminar on Gender, Family and Development

IDS-KAF Seminar





The objective of the seminar is to facilitate and strengthen the interaction between government institutions dealing with policy plannning and women organizations as well as NGOs and practitioners. This interaction is important in view of their catalytic role in fostering changes, and to ensure a gender perspective is well adopted in all areas of the development process.

Session 1

Chairperson : Prof Madya Dr. Hajah Rosnah Ismail

Sekolah Psikologi dan Kerja Sosial UMS

Paper 1: Gender and Development: An Overview

Prof Madya Dr. Jariah Masud

Faculti Ekologi Manusia, UPM

Paper 2: Human Rights and Woman's Rights in Malaysia

Cik Azalina Datuk Othman Said

Puteri UMNO

Paper 3: Children, Abused Children and Children's Rights

Encik Roslee Hj. Abas

Sekolah Sains Sosial, UMS

Session 2

Chairperson : Prof Madya Dr. Hajah Rosdiana Hj Sukardi


Paper 4: Aged and Elderly Women in Malaysia

Prof Madya Dr. Tengku Aizan Tengku Abd. Hamid

Institut Gerontologi, UPM

Paper 5: Single Mothers: Issues and Challenges

Puan Zainaba Shukor

Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Pantai Barat Selatan, Sabah

Paper 6: Quality of Family Life in Malaysia

Prof Madya Dr. Hajah Rosnah Ismail

Sekoloh Psikologi dan Kerja Sosial UMS


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