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Seminar held in Zavkhan province


Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation resident office in Mongolia in cooperation with the Mongolian Government Secretariat organized another one of its regular seminars in the city of Uliastai in Zavkhan province between 26-27 Nov. 2010 on “Ensuring Leadership in the Provincial Management”.

Nearly 100 people in total including the Head of Governor`s Office Secretariat, Secretaries of the Civil Representative Boards of Zavkhan and Khovsgol provinces participated in this seminar.

The Chief of the Civil Representative Board of Zavkhan province Ch. Demchigsuren gave the opening speech of the seminar.

Afterwards Senior Referent of the Government Secretariat A. Urchee gave a presentation on “Obligations, Activities, and Formation of the Provincial Self- management and governance; Activities implemented by the Government regarding Provincial Management”.

On the first day of the seminar, Specialist S. Sanjjav from the National Development and Reform Committee presented “Local Development Policy and Planning Methodology Matters”, Senior Referent Z. Batbayar from the Government Secretariat presented “The legal Environment of the Government Monitoring, Analysis and Assessment; Provincial Governance Organization Monitoring, Analysis and Assessment Methodology and certain focal issues” and Specialist Ts. Batdorj of the Ministry of Defense presented “Provincial Defense Policy – Provincial Governance Organization´s obligations” and carried out open discussions.

On the following day, Researcher G. Chuluunbat made a presentation and carried out an open discussion on the topic of “Civil Representative Board and Governor´s Office Secretariat’s cooperation matters” while Specialist B. Amartuvshin from the Ministry of Law and Internal Affairs presented on the topic of “Organizing Activities to prevent crime in the Provinces” and answered questions of interest to the participants. The seminar was organized and completed successfully.

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Zavkhan, Uliastai


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