Handbuch für Lokalregierungen in Uganda

Rechenschaftspflicht, Mittelverwaltung und Gleichstellung der Geschlechter

In the face of the changing needs of communities served by local governments, laws relating to the operations of local governments have been known to change frequently owing to the demanding nature of accountability and governance. KAS and its partners, therefore, present the most recent legal framework which contains legislation, regulations and policies applicable to the local governments in their dayto- day operations.

This handbook is presented in three parts. The first part covers the legal and policy framework for accountability while the second part considers public resource management. Part Three of the handbook presents the laws and policies concerning gender inclusion at local government level.

Readers will find that several legal instruments referenced in this handbook overlap in the sense that specific laws or policies may cover more than one of the three aspects covered in the handbook, i.e. accountability, public resource management and gender inclusion. Where this happens, the specific provisions addressing a particular aspect have been empasised in the corresponding section.


The handbook is published under the KAS-EU Project titled "SPACE".
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