A Policy Overview of Refugee Management in Uganda

This article is a summary of the refugee management policy frameworks in Uganda
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Are you a highly motivated young Ugandan interested in migration policy analysis and research? Then Youth4Policy is for you! Download the pdf with instructions to apply.
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A woman's place at the table!

Women's rights are human rights too. What more can you and I do to foster gender parity?
Study: Wielding influence in the age of coronavirus

China’s response to the coronavirus in Africa

How the Chinese Communist Party shapes narratives and builds influence in Africa.
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2021 Uganda Social Media Conference

We are delighted to announce the 6th Edition the Uganda Social Media Conference. Join virtually on 25th & 26th for an exchange on the state and impact of social media on society.
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An event to remember the construction of the Berlin Wall 60 y...

Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Together with Goethe Zentrum Kampala (GZK), we are planning to remember the construction of the Berlin Wall, 60 years ago with an ONLINE event on 13th August 2021. Come join us!
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…auf der Homepage der KAS Uganda. Gemeinsam mit lokalen Partnern engagiert sich die KAS in Uganda durch Bildungs- und Fördermaßnahmen seit über drei Jahrzehnten in den Bereichen Förderung von Demokratie, Menschenrechten, politischem Pluralismus und Rechtsstaatlichkeit, sowie der Stärkung zivilgesellschaftlicher Kräfte.

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The private sector in Uganda
What are opportunities for growth? Where does the private sector stand?
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Event review
Writing as Emancipatory Practise
A quick rewind of the discussion with our alumni and scholars
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SMC 2019 - Conference Impressions
Here a glance at some video impressions of our last Uganda Social Media Conference 2019.
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Youth4Policy Trailer
The “Youth4Policy” is an initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to enhance youth participation in governance and policy formulation in Uganda - Check out the Trailer.
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SMC 2019 - Interview with Nanjala Nyabola
Have a glance at some video impressions of our last Social Media Conference 2019. Here an Interview with Nanjala Nyabola - Kenyan Author and Internet Activist.
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Geopolitics 2019 - Interview with Charles Onyango-Obbo
Check out video impressions of our last Kampala Geopolitics Conference 2019 - Here an interview with Keynote speaker Charles Onyango-Obbo.
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