Call for Applications 2024

Youth4Policy Migration Fellowship - Second Cohort!

The Y4P Migration Fellows will have an unparalleled opportunity to spend six to eight months gaining both academic and field experience working in the niche area of migration and being part of a community to build an inclusive and responsive pro-youth policy landscape. Besides interacting with migrants and learning from their experiences, the fellows will have the chance to access key stakeholders and experts in the field of migration. Throughout the Programme, the fellows will be trained in key public policy topics as well. Ultimately, the fellows shall be equipped with relevant tools to enable them undertake research, write policy papers, and contribute to ongoing advocacy and policy-making efforts. Fellows will also have exposure to the workings of KAS’ key partners and collaborators, which includes international agencies, state agencies and Civil Society Organizations. Moreover, the Y4P Migration Fellowship can be used as a springboard towards a wide range of academic and professional opportunities in the future. Y4P and KAS alumni have gone on to pursue careers in the development sector, academia, public service as well as private sectors.

Reality Check Series on Demography - 'A Looming Demographic Dividend or Disaster?'

We are delighted to present our latest thought-provoking analysis, delving into the rapidly changing population and age structure of Uganda, titled 'A Looming Demographic Dividend or Disaster?', this series engages in critical dialogues surrounding the profound implications of Uganda's evolving demographic landscape with propositions of a possible demographic dividend that have featured prominently, especially in the public sector circles.

Migration Project Newsletter - Issue 01

We are thrilled to bring you the first edition of our Migration Project Newsletter, which summarizes our activities in Uganda and South Sudan throughout the project's first year.

Examining Uganda's Migration Policy!

This publication represents the culmination of the hard work and research conducted by young scholars and researchers in Uganda, who participated in our Youth4Policy program. As part of this program, participants were given the opportunity to explore and analyze various aspects of migration policy in Uganda, with a focus on understanding its impact on individuals, communities, and the nation as a whole.

Jeder ist sich selbst der Nächste

Ugandas Reaktion auf den Angriffskrieg Russlands gegen die Ukraine

„Wenn Elefanten kämpfen, leidet das Gras.“ Dieses afrikanische Sprichwort ist in Uganda zu hören, wenn es um den aktuellen Angriffskrieg Russlands gegen die Ukraine und dessen Auswirkungen auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent geht. ­Als die großen Elefanten werden die ­USA beziehungsweise der Westen einerseits und Russland andererseits gesehen. Die politische Elite in Uganda übt sich offiziell in Neutralität, versucht aber die entstandene internationale Lage zum eigenen Vorteil zu nutzen. Deutschland sollte vor diesem Hintergrund die eigenen Interessen und Stärken deutlich definieren und sie gezielt zum beidseitigen Vorteil zum Einsatz bringen.

EU-SPACE Project Completion Report

Strengthening Performance and Accountability through Community Engagement in Northern Uganda

The SPACE Project contributed to impoved downward accountability and performance of Local Governments in sub-regions of Lango, Karamoja, West Nile, Teso and Acholi. For more insights, please download the report here.

South Sudan Country Report

An Overview of the Media Landscape in South Sudan

For democratic ideals and values to be nurtured and promoted in the world’s youngest country, both new and old media must be strengthened. This brief outlines the complex terrain in which the media in South Sudan operates. It summarily highlights the roles that the media plays and the challenges that the sector faces. Most importantly, the brief discusses some opportunities for making both traditional and new media effective for advancing a future democratic society in the country.

Youth for Policy (Y4P) Migration Fellows

We are delighted to introduce 18 young professionals in Uganda who have been selected as the inaugural cohort of the Y4P Migration Fellowship.

SPACE-Project DPRM 2022 Report

A report from a District Peer-Review Mechanism assessing the districts of Amuria, Arua, Gulu, Lira, Moroto and Napak

The State of Good Governance and Responsive Service delivery at the Local Government level in Northern Uganda.

Y4P Policy Paper

Policy Options for Combatting University Education Dropouts in Uganda

This paper tackles the problem of high university dropout rates of students from low-income earning backgrounds. It highlights the consensus on why this is the case. It also points out the fact that this phenomenon has not received adequate attention and from the analysis, most of the legal provisions and policies do not provide a strategy to counter student dropout rates as discovered from the findings which show that most of the survey participants do not know of any mechanism to counter this phenomenon. I follow up with recommendations to combat high dropout rates by suggesting that key stakeholders should abolish unfair tuition policies, increase district quota enrolment, revise how education loan schemes are allotted and develop a strategy to combat the dropout of students from the university.



Politische Kurzberichte der KAS-Auslandsbüros

Die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung ist in rund 110 Ländern auf fünf Kontinenten mit einem eigenen Büro vertreten. Die Auslandsmitarbeiter vor Ort können aus erster Hand über aktuelle Ereignisse und langfristige Entwicklungen in ihrem Einsatzland berichten. In den "Länderberichten" bieten sie den Nutzern der Webseite der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung exklusiv Analysen, Hintergrundinformationen und Einschätzungen.


Die Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, ihre Bildungsforen und Auslandsbüros bieten jährlich mehrere tausend Veranstaltungen zu wechselnden Themen an. Über ausgewählte Konferenzen, Events, Symposien etc. berichten wir aktuell und exklusiv für Sie unter Hier finden Sie neben einer inhaltlichen Zusammenfassung auch Zusatzmaterialien wie Bilder, Redemanuskripte, Videos oder Audiomitschnitte.


A Women’s Development Magazine

ARISE magazine features varying issues around women and development in Uganda. Whether women wearing uniform, working as farmers, or holding political offices: We review the trends and challenges women face in Uganda. The magazine has been published in cooperation with Action for Development since 1990.

Reality Check

Die Serie analysiert politische, soziale und wirtschaftliche Themen der politischen Tagesordnung Ugandas und unterzieht sie einer kritischen Untersuchung. Reality Check wird in Kooperation mit dem Centre for Development Alternatives veröffentlicht.

Economic Policy Paper Series

Wir stellen die Wirtschaftspolitik Ugandas auf den Prüfstand: Wie gestaltet sich wirtschaftlicher Fortschritt im Land? Welche Hindernisse stehen ihm im Weg? Welche Wirtschaftszweige haben das Potential, zum notwendigen wirtschaftlichen Strukturwandel im Land beizutragen und Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen? Und welche Aufgabe kommen dabei dem Privatsektor und dem Staat zu? Die Economic Policy Paper Series wird in Kooperation mit dem Centre for Development Alternatives veröffentlicht.