Holocaust regeneration

von Marcell Kenesei

Centropa - seminar

Centropa offered a seminar, which was held in Budapest with 22 participants in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, between 9-11 of December 2016 and presentated inter-related educational tools: multimedia films and traveling exhibitions based on their interviews, video competitions and other student project ideas, an internet site that contains all of the above, and a platform for teachers where they can share ideas and best practices.

For this particular Seminar 10 participants got invited who were completely new to Centropa, and 12 who already have worked with them. Their veteran teachers were actively involved in the seminar program - they held presentations on how they use Centropa materials, and how they carried out projects in their network. With their help the participants presented older materials and projects. Then they introduced all of the participants to a brand new traveling exhibition, multimedia film, and student project on citizen activism - a project that is based on the remarkable story of the Jewish Community of Sarajevo during the Balkan wars. The Centropa seminar brought together teachers, and experts on education and Holocaust studies to exchange ideas and best practices, and to participate in workshops where they brainstorm on possible teaching scenarios, and challenges they might face during their work. In this way the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung provided historical knowledge, an expose to their online resources and an opportunity to collaborate with other teachers. The Centropa seminar is as a platform where teachers can get inspired not only with new materials, ideas, and solutions, but also with a network of likeminded educators who work towards the same goals in their everyday work. Centropa understand itself as a market of ideas for teachers and experts, where the necessary synergies between various types of institutions (Association of Hungarian History Teachers, Holocaust Memorial Center) can be created. The jointly organized seminar also enables teachers with opportunities which can be used to motivate their students and help in nurturing responsible and active citizens.

Participants of the Seminar in the Holocaust Memorial Center.