"Europe’s China Chimera"

von Peter Rough
Peter Rough is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute, where he writes and comments on U.S. foreign policy. We asked him to analyze how the U.S. and Europe deal with China and he argues for joint action: “Together, the United States and Europe have unparalleled advantages against any competitor.”


“When Xi Jinping, the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), dreams of global domination, he worries about one thing above all else: a hostile United States backed by its allies—and on the Eurasian landmass, the US has no more important ally than Europe”, states the author in his Executive Summary. “As a result, Xi has worked to weaken the transatlantic alliance through a two-pronged economic stratagem. First, under the guise of globalization, China has insinuated itself into the European economy, creating dependencies. Second, Beijing is manipulating those dependencies to hollow out and supplant Europe’s advanced economies. To give this deception cover, China has built a vast political network across Europe, from basic sympathizers to outright spies.”


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