The New Economy and US Global Competitiveness

von Kent Hughes
Kent Hughes is an authority on U.S. industrial policy and competitiveness and is currently an advisor to the President of the Woodrow Wilson International Center. He authored for KAS a report where he explores the future of the post-pandemic economy. Economic recovery and growth in the new economy, he argues, will require the new Biden administration to develop updated competitiveness strategies and policies to respond to a series of complex challenges.


“In the coming post-pandemic world, the United States will have to deal with several accelerating trends that have taken on new prominence: these include globalization, rising international competition posed by China and others, insecure supply chains, climate change, and new fields of competition,” the author writes in his introduction.

“The challenge for the United States is compounded by the urgent need to craft an equitable recovery from the pandemic, restore confidence in public institutions, and to formulate a new national mission.

In responding to global challenges, the President cannot neglect the domestic dimension. [...]

The same is true in forging a competitiveness policy for the new economy. The once easy separation of domestic and international policies; the separation of the domestic economy from global competitiveness has long passed. In forging the new economic strategy, the U.S. will have to modify old ideas including America’s frequent resistance to setting national economic, technological, and industrial priorities”, the author states.

The views, conclusions and recommendations expressed in this report are solely those of its authors and do not reflect the views of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, or its employees.



Jeanene Lairo