US and EU Strategies for Africa

von Andrew Adair

A Report on “A Pathway Towards New Development Cooperation”

In recent years, Africa has demonstrated impressive economic growth, but it nevertheless remains a small market. With the world’s fastest growing population and labor force, Africa can scarcely afford not to sustain its high economic growth rates in order to avoid political instability. This report intends to expand the dialogue among the transatlantic partners to intensify collaboration with regard to development policy in Sub-Saharan Africa.


There are doubts that Africa can sustain the necessary growth rates to support peaceful and equitable social development. When looking at Africa’s own governing institutions that are the prerequisite for a competitive economic order, Africa remains heavily dependent on international partners for support. Many unresolved and newly emerging conflicts, including mass migration, add to the skepticism about Africa’s development trajectory.

All three major global economies – the European Union, the United States, and China – are increasingly competing for influence in Africa.  As such, all three of these economic powers will have to navigate an Africa replete with both opportunity and risk – not only those inherent to the continent itself – but also from the geopolitical implications of competition among one another.



Jeanene Lairo