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Javier Milei's presidency in Argentina

100 eventful days

On December 10, 2023, libertarian Javier Milei took office as President of Argentina. The anti-system politician was able to assert himself against the traditional political forces and followed up his campaign promises with deeds immediately after being sworn in. After 100 days in power, the panorama is complex in every respect: the problems of governance without majorities in parliament are evident, and despite slow successes in the fight against inflation, the economic challenges remain enormous. Critics fear an explosion in poverty as well as social unrest.

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In the first 100 days, President Javier Milei has chosen the course of confrontation, which is particularly surprising given the balance of power in the country. The repeated failure of the government's initiatives in the National Congress has made it clear that the opposition can set the political agenda and makes use of it when necessary. Although many representatives of the provincial governments and the legislature share Milei's diagnosis and are generally in favor of far-reaching reforms, they make it clear to the president that his confrontational course is quickly pushing him to his limits and that consensus is required in democracy. The question is whether the government has learned from the setbacks of recent weeks. However, this is doubtful, because the slimmed-down legislative package that is to be introduced into Congress in the coming days has not been voted on either. The president is still supported by the high approval ratings among the population, but public opinion is volatile and Milei is under pressure to show concrete economic and political successes. Not least of all, companies in Western democracies will make their investment decisions dependent on this.


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