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Brazil in Focus

Newsletter on current issues of Brazilian politics


Brazil in Focus 9/2023

Legislature and the Judiciary in current Brazilian politics / Extreme weather events in Brazil / Brazil's first challenge in the presidency of the UN Security Council

The new edition of the Brasil em Foco series is available for free download.

Brazil in Focus 8/2023

The ministerial reform and its main objectives and expectations / Tax reform in Brazil: disputes and possibilities in 2023 / The Presidency of Brazil in the G20

The Brasil em Foco series has a new edition available for free download.

Brazil in Focus 7/2023

Challenges for the National Congress in the second half of the year / Amazon Summit / Brazil's role in international politics: rebuilding bridges? BRICS challenges expanded

The new issue of the Brasil em Foco series is available for free download in Portuguese only.

Serie Braziliem im Focus 6/2023

The "perfect storm" for Bolsonaro's downfall? / "The Centrão's pressure for the Ministry of Health" / Lula's trip to Europe and the CELAC-EU Summit

The "Brasil em Foco" series aims to publish monthly articles with analysis on the main topics on the political scene, in order to contribute to the democratic debate. The July issue is now available for free download.

Brazil in Focus


Time and joint play / The institutional logic of the nomination of jurists to our Supreme Court / Environmental Protection Month / The Mercosur-EU negotiations

Brazil in Focus


Ideological trends and the losses at the extremities/ The Media Law Project n. 2630/2020/ The three keys to the Brazil-Russia relationship

Brazil in Focus 3/2023

Politics today - present and future at a pace of analysis/ Current status of the European Union - Mercosur trade agreement/ The new high school: controversies on the agenda

The new edition of the Brazil in Focus Series brings three articles on some of the most important themes in the current political scenario.

Brazil in Focus 2/2023

Dilma Rousseff and the presidency of the BRICS bank/ Lula on the tightrope between the United States and China/ Extremism in Brazil/ Gender Equality, Care and Public Policies

In the second edition of the Brazil in Focus Series, we present four articles on themes that are currently among the main topics in the political debate.

Brazil in Focus 1/2023

Lula III and the challenges of governability / How big is the Yanomami crisis?

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is pleased to present the first edition of Brazil in Focus 2023. This is a series of articles published monthly on the KAS Brazil website, providing analysis and commentary on current and relevant issues in the Brazilian political scenario. Starting this year, we present a new layout and would like to draw your attention to the fact that we will not only regularly publish articles by the renowned political scientist Humberto Dantas, but also bring you more authors every month.

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About this series

Brazil in Focus is a periodic publication that seeks to analyze in a more succinct way the central themes of Brazilian politics. Since 2020,  the bulletins have been shorter and published monthly, maintaining the political scientist, professor Humberto Dantas, as its principal author and organizer.