KAS Canada is a proud supporter of the Halifax International Security Forum

KAS Canada supported the panel "Without Merkel: Europe and the Future of Transatlantic Relations" at the 2021 forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Renewing Our Democratic Alliance (RODA)

RODA is a joint effort by the Canadian International Council and KAS Canada to strengthen civil society cooperation among Canadian and German scholars and experts on key issues.
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KAS Canada Launches the Konrad Adenauer Research Chair

On June 1st, KAS Canada launched the Konrad Adenauer Research Chair in Empirical Democracy Studies at the University of Ottawa. The chair will be held by Dr. Daniel Stockemer.
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KAS Canada Director Dr. Norbert Eschborn meets with Michael Chong, Shadow Foreign Minister

Issues of bilateral political cooperation between Canada and Germany were the focus of a meeting between Dr. Norbert Eschborn and Michael Chong, hosted by H.E. Sabine Sparwasser
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The Winter of Vaccination Discontent: One Year of the Covid-19 Crisis in Canada

In comparison with the crisis management of other countries, the prevailing attitude is that the current situation could be seen as a failure of the government.
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Arbeitslosigkeit und Defizite im Gesundheitswesen

Kanada in der Corona-Krise

Kanada ist wirtschaftlich und sozial schwer getroffen worden. Die Regierung von Premierminister Justin Trudeau hat mit einem milliardenschweren Hilfsprogramm gegengesteuert.
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Welcome! The country project Canada, based in Ottawa, promotes multilateral cooperation and exchange between Canada, Germany and Europe on the most important global challenges of our time, especially in the areas of security, technology, climate change and migration.
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