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International Relations Model United Nations 2023

by Christ (Deemed to be) University & KAS India Office

The fourth edition of the International Relations Model United Nations, the IR-MUN 2023 under the theme 'Diplomacy in an Era of Non-Traditional Security Threats', was organised by the Department of International Studies, Political Science and History, School of Social Sciences of the Christ (Deemed to be) University Bangalore in collaboration with the India Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). Spanning two days, the IR-MUN was a national-level event which assembled over 300 delegates from all different states of India.

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The two-day national event – IR-MUN 2023 – running into its fourth successful edition was a grand success:

Key Take Aways: 

  • It instilled renewed hope in the possibilities of dialogue and diplomacy among the younger generation. Students clearly understood that cooperation surpasses conflict in an era of multilateralism at stake. 

  • The ability to keep one’s mind open, to change one’s perspective and to find a middle ground have become the need of the day paired with the necessity to stay as informed as possible.

  • The idea and importance of peace and stability were realised by the vibrant range of agendas looked at by various committees.

  • It was heartening to witness the expanse of talent and will to bring in positive change in students that came out during the event. It included good articulation, coherence, in-depth research, critical thinking, agreeing to disagree, rebuttals, et cetera.

  • The  IR-MUN kindled the delegates' awareness of the nitty-gritty of the deliberation process in international fora. It also prompted them to think of solutions in conventional and unconventional terms which also nurtured important leadership skills for the future.

  • It is also significant to note that the delegates thought through the issues beyond a narrow nationalistic perspective and considered the practicality of proposed solutions. An inclusive approach in which the Global South was seen as an emerging power in negotiations was also pertinent.


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