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Please find here the partners of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Jordan Office.

Al-Quds Center for Political Studies

Al-Quds Center for Political Studies
Al-Quds Center for Political Studies is an independent think-tank aiming at providing a deeper and more accurate understanding for the challenges that political reforms and democratic transition face in Jordan and Arab countries.Promoting values of “equal citizenry”, the culture of dialogue, tolerance, respect of pluralism as well as the principles of freedom, justice, and the rule of law, the Center works, for instance, on expanding political participation of citizens and operationalizing civil monitoring of government and parliamentary performance in addition to freedom of the press and independence of the media.
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NAMA - Strategic Intelligence Solutions

NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions
NAMA - Strategic Intelligence Solutions is a technology-driven research and development organization that operates in the two integrated fields of Investment opportunity development and political polling.
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Arab Institute for Security Studies

The Arab Institute for Security Studies is a regional organization located in Amman (Jordan). Established in 1995, the Institute carries out its activities in association with a number of local, regional and International agencies, including the United Nations, League of Arab States and other bodies. The Institute operates under Royal patronage with an International board made of highly qualified members.

Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs

The Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs aims to implement the tasks assigned to it through deepening democratic understanding for all the components of the Jordanian political spectrum, starting with the silent majority, through issues related to women and youth, and ending with various civil society institutions and organizations, by activating participation in making the political decision in democratic ways and means, to establish awareness of carrying the national and popular burden for all social strata, with the aim of building a new Jordanian political state as a civilized model of the contemporary Arab Islamic state. This Ministry aims at effecting the political and parliamentary development that supports Jordan’s internal and external march in various areas and enhancing the democratic march by adopting the strategy and work plan set by the government, which interprets the royal vision of political development.

The Jordanian Center for Civic Education (JCCE)

Jordanian Center for Civic Education Studies
The Jordanian Center for Civic Education (JCCE) aims to promote civic awareness amongst the Jordanian population focusing their aspirations in such a way as to enable them to become active citizens who are aware of their rights and responsibilities and those of others. JCCE has partnerships with national and international organizations that aim to nurture and coordinate the efforts of individuals working in the field of civic education and human rights.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow
Leaders of Tomorrow is a youth-led organization and hub for social innovation, promoting free speech, human rights, social equality and educational opportunity. Through its initiatives the organization works to develop an extensive network by which suggestions and ideas are discussed, debated and used to enact change and reform.
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Amman Center for Peace and Development (ACPD)

The Amman Center for Peace and Development (ACPD) is a Jordanian non-profit organization aiming at encouraging dialogue and tolerance between people across national and international divides in the Middle East as well as strengthening civil society capacity within the nation in order to help the region overcome hostility and conflict. ACPD actively works with representatives from the entire region, including Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, south and east Mediterranean countries.

Catholic Center for Studies and Media

Catholic Center
The Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM) is a Christian organization affiliated to the Latin Patriarchate in Jordan and headed by Fr. Dr. Rifat Bader. CCSM works with the Arab media in Jordan and the Arab region and issues, a website dedicated to Christian news around the world. CCSM organizes conferences and workshops to promote Christian-Muslim interfaith dialogue and religious freedom, and focuses on school curricula and their role in promoting interfaith harmony.

Middle East Media and Policy Studies Institute (MEMPSI)

Middle East Media and Policy Studies Institute (MEMPSI)
The Middle East Media and Policy Studies Institute (MEMPSI) was established in 2014 as a not for profit organization, in response to the emerging need for tech-based scientific, credible, and unbiased information about emerging issues and threats in the region. MEMPSI is an independent think tank that produces actionable quality research for policy making on a wide range of issues. MEMPSI aspires to inform public policy planning in the region and beyond through building evidence-based planning and decision-making processes, and to advise on change management in volatile times through policy research, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The Institute partners with international research centers and companies in the United States, Europe and the region, to ensure comparable content quality.
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WANA Institute

The West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Institute is a non-profit policy think tank based in Amman, Jordan. Operating under the chairmanship of His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, the Institute works to promote a transition to evidence-based policy and programming to combat the development and humanitarian challenges facing West Asia and North Africa.

Nisan Center for Political and Parliamentary Development

Nisan Center für politische und parlamentarische Entwicklung
Nisan Center is an independent, non-governmental organization working on local political and democratic societal development and especially on youth and women’s issues. In addition, it focuses on spreading a culture of enlightenment and secularism and on confronting Takfir (accusation of heresy) and the culture of extremism and isolation. To implement its work, Nisan Center relies on studies and research, workshops, training, publications and consultancy. It maintains very good working relationships with various local and international governmental and non-governmental institutions.
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Wishbox Media

Wishbox Media compnay partners with organizations and creative professional to create a market for talented creatives to contribute to and connect with institutions, organizations, and individuals.
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