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Decentralization in Jordan

by Wael Al Khatib

In this article, Wael Al Khatib describes the decentralization process in Jordan and the issues that hinder it.

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Microloans' Failure of Jordanian Women

by Rana Sweis

In this article, Rana Sweis outlines the effect the availability of Microloans has had on Jordanian women.

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Survey on PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism)

The survey was conducted in December 2019 and 844 Jordanians were interviewed.

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Survey: The Peace Process and Stability in the Middle East

A poll was conducted in November 2019 comprising a sample of 1,200 Jordanians. They were asked questions regarding their views on the peace process and stability in the Middle East.

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Survey: Jordanians' Perceptions on Foreign Relations

A poll was conducted in August 2019, covering a sample of 1,198 Jordanians. They were asked questions regarding their opinions on Jordan's foreign relations and foreign policy.

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Jordan-IMF Relations

by Marwan Kardoosh

In this paper Marwan Kardoosh outlines Jordan-IMF Relations since 1989.

Country Reports

The Jordanian 2019 Income Tax Law

by Leontine von Felbert

A new Jordanian income tax law and its previous drafts sparked large protest starting in May 2018. As the new provisions within the law only directly affect around 10% of working Jordanians, they can hardly be understood to be the sole reason for the popular anger. Instead the law came in a context of steep price hikes, high poverty rates and a widespread feeling that government corruption prevents efficient use of taxpayer money. This country report looks at the new income tax law and its provisions; it highlights the challenges to the law and notes that it has brought to the open wider social discontent that is being expressed through an attitude of non-cooperation towards the government.

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Trade Liberalization in Jordan and Economic Diplomacy

by Marwan Kardoosh

A Story of Qualified Success
In this article Marwan A. Kardoosh describes the history of trade liberalization in Jordan and how it has been affected by the interaction between economic diplomacy and political factors.

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The Effects of the 2015 Ban of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood

by Lamis El Muhtaseb

In this article, Dr. Lamis El Muhtaseb analyses the effect of the 2015 ban on the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. The Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood views its legitimacy as an indispensable part of the legitimacy of the Jordanian state itself. The movement has been spreading its message and influence for decades both inside and outside of the state. Banning the movement in 2015 has motivated the Jordanian Brotherhood to hold on to its religious message while simultaneously making political concessions to the Jordanian state.

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Where is Jordan's economy heading? - Obstacles and Opportunities

by Daniel Heuermann

An Economic Policy Analysis for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
In this report Prof. Heuermann analyses the Jordanian economy including the barriers to inclusive economic growth as well as the significant potential of the economy.