Women in Debt
Panel Discussion

Experts discuss "Microloans' Failure of Jordanian Women"

Rana Sweis, Insaf Daas, Dima Karadsheh and Sara Ferrer Olivella shared their views on the topic in a panel discussion.

Jordan in a Changing Regional and International Environment

High-ranking Jordanian politicians and analysts, international experts and ambassadors discussed Jordan’s role in the region in a joint KAS/Al Quds Conference in Amman.
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Foreign Minister

Jordanian Foreign Minister speaks at KAS/Al Quds Dinner

H.E. Ayman Safadi spoke at a joint KAS/Al Quds Dinner to a number of international experts on the Middle East.

Microloans' Failure of Jordanian Women

In this article, Rana Sweis outlines the effect the availability of microloans has had on Jordanian women.
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Women in Security

Women in Security

The Secretary General of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry discusses with representatives from the UAE and Iran.

Survey: Jordanians' Perceptions on Foreign Policy

A poll was conducted in August 2019, covering a sample of 1,198 Jordanians. They were asked questions regarding their opinions on Jordan's foreign relations and foreign policy.
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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Jordan Office promotes the mutual understanding between Jordan, the region and Germany and brings together decision-makers, experts and key civil society and political party actors. It creates a platform for political dialogue, exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as cooperation in the fields of Jordan’s role as a mediator in the region, transnational forms of extremism and prevention, support of political reforms and parties and promotion of Social Entrepreneurship.

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