National Conference: Jordan’s Second Century

Challenges and Opportunities

The Al-Quds Center for Political Studies and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation are conducting a conference under the patronage (and participation) of His Excellency the Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Musa Al-Maayteh. This conference aims to discuss the challenges confronting Jordan along with the opportunities it can exploit, entering its second centennial



It is no secret that Jordan faces immense challenges, from decelerated economic growth that became exacerbated with the COVID pandemic and its economic, financial, social and psychological consequences, to rising unemployment rates, increased poverty, internal and external debt, an ongoing and increasing budget deficit and the pressures resulting from the Palestinian issue and complexities of the regional situation. Additionally, the slow pace of political reform and democratic transformation in the past few years has weakened political participation, with Jordanians losing confidence in parliament. The weak performance of successive governments and non-manifestation of an active system for political parties have contributed to the reluctance of Jordanians to engage in political action.

The state has realized the graveness of the status quo. Accordingly, in June, His Majesty King Abdullah the Second launched an initiative titled the “Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System”, to jumpstart the path of political reform, considering this reform a necessity and not a mere luxury, to serve the interests of Jordanians.  

In light of the aforementioned and particularly with the upcoming announcement on the outcomes of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System, the following topics and themes will be highlighted: 

1. First axis (opening session): A dialogue with the Minister of Political & Parliamentary Affairs, Eng. Musa Al-Maayteh.

2. Second axis: A dialogue on the outcomes of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System.

3. Third axis: The Role of Political Parties in Jordan: Which way forward

(Political parties, the challenge to respond and the elections draft law and the draft law on political parties: challenges of adapting and responding to the two new draft laws).

4. Fourth axis: Politicization of Political Elite and Citizens- alternative ways of engagement.

5. Fifth axis: On the cusp of the second centennial: What socio-economic model for Jordan?  


Attendance is by invitation only-If you want to participate please contact Ms. Haneen Al-Zaben (haneen.alzaben@kas.de) 

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Heralding a New Era of Development: Jordan in its Second Centenary
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