Parliament and Public Policy-Making


KAS-Jordan Office, in cooperation with Al-Quds Center for Political Studies, are hosting three hybrid workshops under the project titled, "Parliament and Public Policy-Making". The workshops will shed light on the most prominent challenges facing Jordan and how Jordanian decision-makers could tackle these challenges through policy-making.


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Jordanian Parliament

KAS-Jordan Office and Al-Quds Center for Political Studies are launching a new project titled, "Parliament and Public Policy-Making". The project will comprise three hybrid workshops and will bring together a group of 50 participants from the government, the senate,  the House of Representatives, civil society and experts from the business and economic sectors.  The workshops will address the role of parliament in policy- and decision-making when tackling Jordan's current most prominent challenges such as economic growth and recovery; enhancing Jordan's health sector and COVID-19 related repercussions such as Jordan's increased poverty and unemployment rates. In addition, the three workshops aim to provide recommendations for developing a strategic national plan that could help Jordan overcome its economic challenges.





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