Training Workshop on: “Capacity Building for the Ministry of Social Development Employees Working with the Charities”

Participation is upon personal invitation only.


In the last years government agencies are increasingly dealing with complex social, economic and political matters, especially with regard to their collaboration with charities. Therefore, the skills and knowledge of ministry staff has to be optimized to ensure an efficient workflow. In cooperation with MOSD, KAS Amman is conducting a training workshop in Irbid on 25th and 26th of July, 2015, on capacity building for the staff of MOSD in the administrative, financial and legal field

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Irbid, Jordan


Dr. Otmar Oehring

Internationaler Religionsdialog 030 26996 - 3743

Nida'a Al-Shraideh

Nida'a Al-Shraideh bild

Project Manager