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War in Times of Peace

The Gulf Region One Year after September 11

11 September 2001 has brought attention back to the Arab states of the Gulf with which traditional instruments of development co-operation are lacking due to their oil wealth. The seminar will explore new ways of opening dialogue.


The Mechanisms of Political Cooperation between Europe and the Near East

The Role of German Political Foundations

Foreign institutions have repeatedly come under attack by public and published opinion in the Near East. The seminar will start a dialogue with students and faculty over the role of political co-operation and its institutions.


The National Statistics of Lebanon

Conditions of Good Governance

The production and availability of statistical data is crucial for any good governance. However, state institutions and non-state actors lack reliable data. The seminar will bring together all relevant institutions to come up with recommendations for


Youth Forum Syria 2002

The Challenge of the Internet

Like all countries in the region, Syria has a young population. Policies of opening up have given the internet new importance. The seminar will bring together young people to address their needs.


Electoral Geography in Southern Lebanon

Conditions of Democratic Representation

Lebanon's elections of 2000 have shown democratic deficits due to the setup of constituencies. The seminar will assess the situation in the south in preparation for a national conference to be held in Beirut at the end of the year.


Beyond Oslo?

Regional Developments and the Peace Process

Two areas of crisis continue to destabilize the Middle East - Iraq and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Fears that both issues be linked to each other are high. Whatever shapes the Middle East will take over the next months, the agonizing state of the peac


Local Governance in the Middle East

Experiences from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine

In cooperation with CERMOC Beirut / Amman


Educational Reform in Syria

The Didactics of Geography

In the process of opening up, Syria attaches great importance to educational reform. The workshop will enable teachers to further develop their presentation skills and to foster creativity among students.


Reformist Thinking in the Muslim World

Roundtable with innovative Muslim Intellectuals

Fundamental texts of religions do not speak for themselves. They are translated according to present time by theologians and intellectuals in any generations. The seminar will start a collection of reformist ideas and invite for dialogue.

Book presentation

Book Presentation: Jordan in Transition 1990-2000

The Near East between the Gulf War and September 11

As a buffer state situated between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the situation in Iraq, regional developments have had important impacts on Jordan. The publication tries to assess the evolution through the last decade.

Aktiv sein als Staatsbürger- und Staatsbürgerin!

Politische Bildung für jordanische Jugendliche

Mehrere Workshops gefolgt von vier erfolgreichen Aufklärungskampagnen resultierten, in einer krönenden Abschlussfeier der ersten Hälfte des „Women‘s Voices“-Programm und der Jugendakademie.

Party Youth Training – Democracy and Diversity

KAS-Jordan Office, in cooperation with Al-Quds Center for Political Studies, held a two-day training retreat for the Youth of Jordanian political parties in Wadi-Finan among the mountains of the Dana Biosphere Reserve. The training workshop was on Saturday and Sunday, September 4th - 5th entitled "Rules of the democratic process: Is democracy a ballot box or a comprehensive cultural, rights-based and political system?" More than twenty young women and men attended the workshop representing twelve Jordanian parties.

Jordan Times

Report-Discussion of the Electoral and Political Party Law

KAS-Jordan Office and the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs (MoPPA) conducted a series of workshops that focus on discussing Jordan's political party and electoral law with Jordanian youth.

How does youth look at Jordans future?

Discussion and book launch event of KAS & WANA

As Jordan can proudly celebrate, in 2021, hundred years of its founding and its development, many challenges remain ahead. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung takes Jordan’s anniversary as an occasion to reflect, together with our Jordanian partners and friends, where the country stands – and where it aspires to go. “We need real change, with transparency and accountability, not more hollow development plans”, was one of the comments at a recent discussion about how Jordan’s youth looks at the way forward for the country.

Jordan at 100

Youth Essay and Photography Competition

To commemorate the long history of state and community-building, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) and the West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Institute have launched the “100 Years of Jordan” competition. The competition aimed to convey what 100 years of Jordan means to Jordanians through submitting Arabic and English essays and photographs describing Jordan and its long history

Empowering Female Cartoonists in Jordan

'She is Art' Exhibition

KAS Jordan Office and their cooperation partners, Wishbox Media and Qalam Hurr, launched a 10-day exhibition to showcase the brilliant artworks of 10 female Jordanian artists who participated in the 4-month training project, "Empowering Female Cartoonists in Jordan" at Fann wa Chai.

Political Party Capacity Building

Workshop 1

The first workshop under the project, "Political Party Capacity Building" jointly organized with Al-Quds Center for Political Studies, commenced last Saturday and included a number of speakers from centrist political parties. The first workshop assessed the experience of centrist parties in the 2020 Jordanian parliamentary elections and the important lessons drawn from this experience for future elections.

Jordan in a Changing Regional Environment:The Upcoming Scenarios

Conference report

High-ranking international and Jordanian experts, researchers, officials, decision-makers and former Jordanian ministers were all invited to participate in the third annual conference, partnered with Al-Quds Centre for Political Studies, titled, ‘Jordan in a Changing Regional and International Environment-The Upcoming Scenarios”. This is to share their expert opinions, and analysis on the current political events taking place in the region, and how it directly (and indirectly) affects Jordan. This conference intended to address the changing regional and international environment through a Jordanian lens, and how these changing regional dynamics will impact Jordan in the future. It took place in Amman in February 2020.

Jordan in a Changing Regional Environment

Regional Conference

Jordan is located in a turbulent regional environment. It is situated at the center of several crises that came into existence or were exacerbated after the uprisings of the so-called “Arab spring”. In this context, KAS Jordan Office organized together with Al-Quds Center for Political Studies a regional conference from 04 to 06 November 2017 in Amman. This conference analyzed Jordan’s internal and external security threats, its position and interests in the region as well as the impact of current regional developments on the country.

Meeting with HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal

KAS Saxony in Amman

In the course of a study tour conducted by Dr. Klose, representative for KAS Saxony, a meeting with several high-ranking politicians took place.