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How (un)healthy and (un)safe is food in Cambodia

Research Paper as part of the joint mini-film-project of KAS and Politikoffee

Currently, trends of growing unhealthy food habits – best to be seen in the rapid increase of international fast food chains – can be observed in the Kingdom. Most certainly, the topic of food security has been discussed before, especially due to Cambodia’s comparably high malnutrition rates. Nevertheless, the focus of the paper does not lie on food security in the sense of “getting enough food”, but on health aspects linked with how nutritious and safe food is. It intends to give a short overview on food nutrition trends among young, urban Cambodians as well as discuss issues of food safety, both at a micro level (individuals) and macro level (government, private sector companies).

The objective of this brief paper is to bring the topic of healthy and safe food more into the focus of youth attention. Rather than providing an in-depth research, it aims to introduce important questions and facts and call for further research to explore new food habits in Cambodia.

The paper was produced by young Politikoffee researcher Cheng Mengchou, and Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation intern Miriam Spengler. It provides the factual basis to a subsequent video as part of a mini-film series, initiated by Politikoffee. Politikoffee is a platform for young Cambodians to discuss and debate political, economic and societal issues. As part of their new media strategy, these short videos aim to provide dynamic, appealing and visually impactful information, dealing with daily concerns, challenges as well as behavior of Cambodian youth as well as foster a culture of dialogue and critical thinking.


Dr. Daniel Schmücking

Daniel Schmuecking

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December 19, 2016
Phnom Penh
How (un)healthy and (un)safe is food in Cambodia?

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